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A Complete Course Content Resource

Assemble all course materials into one digital Bundle™

Ginkgotree is leading the future of course materials. Ginkgotree is preferred over traditional etextbook and digital course pack solutions because any variety of materials can be unified in a Bundle, from copyrighted books to open educational resources (OER) like live webpages and streaming online media.

Who uses Ginkgotree?

  • Administrators

    Offer a new textbook alternative for your faculty

    Integrate Ginkgotree with your LMS to provide faculty a better way to create and curate materials, then deliver them online to their students. Starting with Ginkgotree is simple and quick.

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  • Corporate Trainers

    Assemble and deliver all training
    materials beautifully, online

    Whether you're just starting to develop a curriculum, or you're simply looking for a new platform to host the materials you already use, you can pull it together in a Bundle.

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  • Publishers

    Deliver your materials and allow them to be customized

    It's never been simpler to convert to an all-online creation and delivery process. Need your content to be easily adaptable and editable by faculty who adopt it? No problem!

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  • Instructors

    Create and curate open online resources for your courses

    Maybe you want to lower students' costs, or maybe you just want to lighten their backpacks! Imagine pulling together all the learning resources for your course into one, digital Bundle, which encourages student interaction.

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  • Students

    Access better course materials

    Instructors choose Ginkgotree to give you an excellent course experience while lowering the amount you'll need to spend on course materials. If your institution isn't on Ginkgotree yet, you can spread the word!

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